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Keniysha is not only a Certified Life Coach, Author, Motivational Speaker, Model, Luxury Wedding Planner, Interior Designer, Wife of a Military Veteran and mother of 3, she is a Stage 4 Breast Cancer Survivor, and Founder of Healing By Faith Women Empowerment Organization. She has been featured in VoyageATL magazine. It is ultimately her compassion and motivational work that significantly impacts so many lives across the globe.


Keniysha J. Watts’ motivation and ultimate goal is to help inspire, enrich and educate women. She will raise awareness, teach assertiveness and cultivate self-respect. Keniysha J. Watts is dedicated to helping women globally face personal challenges, motivate and empower them to overcome the obstacles in their lives. In 2020 Keniysha launched Healing By Faith with Keniysha J. Watts LLC, a platform used to help coach women in becoming a better version of themselves. This platform hosts Quarterly Retreats, hosts events and Brunches, for women battling cancer and have survived.This organization allows her to travel from state to state helping women cope, release, and refuel. Focusing on the mind, body and soul. Keniysha writes personal faith driven books available in Barnes and Noble, Amazon and online at Her latest book Healing By Faith is her personal journey of trials and tribulations she endured while battling stage four breast cancer and giving women strength to help overcome lifes battles.

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