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Life Coaching


To onlookers you seem to have it altogether.  You are driven.  A go-getter.  A high-powered Leader. Accomplished.  You are the pillar and rock that others look to and lean on.  You give of yourself tirelessly in the service of others - whether professional or personal.  But, you STILL have no idea who you really are, what you really want, or how to be happy.  You desperately want to get out of your own way, but you don't know HOW.   

Struggle #1 - You Have a Pattern of Toxic Relationships With Men...

You have a pattern of choosing the wrong men and ending up in toxic relationships filled with unmet needs, even abuse.  It's frustrating because you would love nothing more than to be married to a good man, but your professional success is NOT spilling over into success in your love life.  You're beginning to feel hopeless.    


Struggle #2 - You Have a Strained Relationship With Your Parent(s)...

Whether it was an absentee or emotionally unavailable father, an overbearing or negligent mother - your childhood is not something you look back on with nostalgia.  You have a lot of unresolved trauma, hurt, and pain that you have pushed deep down inside that is the root cause of so many of the emotional challenges you have today.  


Struggle #3 - You Have Major Negative Self-Talk...

You constantly push yourself to be better, faster, stronger relentlessly.  You criticize your every move and beat yourself up when you make a mistake. Yes, this is the same voice that has allowed you to be as successful as you are, overcome many challenges, and keep pushing.  But, it is harsh, unforgiving, and never shuts up!  It diminishes your self-esteem and is a block to you truly feeling happy.  


Struggle #4 - You Lack Confidence & Doubt Yourself Constantly...

Despite winning in your professional life, you still don't feel confident in relationships or with your appearance.  You second-guess every decision you make and often find yourself STUCK in inaction because you're afraid of making a mistake or failing.  You struggle to rely on others and feel that you have to figure everything out on your own.  You know you've been playing small and have a greater purpose - you're just not sure what it is or how to get there.  





The Solution

Get crystal clear on your vision for your life. You will paint a picture so clear that you will not be able to go on another day choosing fear over faith


◈ Understand the power of confidence and show you how to cultivate it in every moment


◈ Re-frame the concept of failure and learn how to make it work for you


◈ Create an energetic outline for your life so that you can serve yourself and others.


◈ Decide the woman you want to be and embody her fully


◈ Curate your circle 


◈ Redefine success on your own terms


◈ Establish and implement success rituals and powerful ways of living every day




(Free intake assessment)


◈ Virtual Coaching LIVE motivational + informational coaching calls with me 


◈ Access to me as your personal life coach (weekly or biweekly In person meetings available   (Atlanta area only)


◈ My personal custom exercises, strategies, affirmations and proven processes that I have designed over the years to gain clarity and confidence in life. High-level tools to raise your confidence, release negative thought patterns, and program your mind for success.


◈ Bonus content including text messages with positive affirmations geared towards your ultimate success.

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